Let the Twittering Begin

So it's finally happened, I've gotten a Twitter account. If you don't know what Twitter is, go here. Then, following the same logic from my last post (that I won't use things if I have to go out and log into a webpage to use them) I've integrated Twitter into Quicksilver. Now I can post to Twitter using 5 keyboard keys (minus the message itself) which is sooo sweet (thank you Leo).

I've also set up an integration between Twitter and my Wordpress blog. This means that my blog will auto-create a daily digest of all of my tweets throughout that day. You'll get to see all of my testing tweets from when I was setting up the Quicksilver integration.

I can already tell that Twitter will be the end of me... and by the end of me I mean that it's going to suck up a lot of my time. I think that "micro blogging" is the perfect blogging for me.

Also, this is my test post for Qumana. Thoughts? (like anyone actually reads this... HA!)

EDIT: I've removed the link between my blog and Twitter. I'm going to try and keep things compartmentalized for now. You can still read my tweets at http://twitter.com/merlyn383.