I don't often badmouth apple, but damn! The 10.4.9 update was atrocious. I ran the update from software update and did the requisite restart without problem. Then, during boot, my MBP hung on the loading screen for like 10 minutes causing me to do a hard restart. Then everyhting booted up just fine and seemed to be working, until I opened Mail.

I got the "Your application has been updated, do you want to allow the application to access the keychain files from the old application" mesage which I told to "Allow". Then the real fun started. The window went grey and did it's thing updating whatever needed to be updated for the next 3 minutes. While it was being updated my computer strained to even open up a finder window. Then the window disappeared and I thoguht all was well, only to be greated by the same window again where I clicked "Allow" again and the whole process repeated itself. Then it all happened again.

As if to add insult to injury, my computer picked that moment to auto-sync with .Mac rendering my computer utterly useless for the next 20 minutes as I was assaulted by 4 more keychain windows and the occasional Little Snitch message. So, I waited semi-patiently for my computer to finish all of its business so that I could use it again. As soon as it was done I went to Apple's support page and downloaded the 10.4.9 combo updater.

I figured that since the update seemed to screw my computer up, perhaps it was a bad install. I downloaded and reran the update and did the restart. It booted back to the login screen without error this time (which I considered a good sign) and seemed to be working like it's old self again. I launched Mail and the same windows appeared but they disappeared as soon as I clicked "Allow". I decided to push my luck and did a manual sync, and that's when things started to suck again. Opening up Activity Monitor, I noticed that a process called "securityd" had decided that it required over a gig of real ram and almost 2 gig of virtual memory. A quick google search for securityd brought me to this article at Merlin Mann's 43folders.com (a great website run by a fantastic techie). One terminal command later followed by ANOTHER restart and everything works fine now.

The good news is that everything seemed to install fine on my PowerMac G5 and my Mac Mini but damn was my MacBook Pro a bitch. I can't wait to go to work today and see how busy the genius bar is with people who are having issues with their updates.